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What are Cookies?
Cookies are small text files which are automatically generated during a website’s visit. The purpose of these files is to save useful information in order to improve the quality of the user’s experience while surfing the website. Examples of these improvements could be the storing of data between the different sites of a web or trackage of user’s actions with the intent of improving the website itself.

While visiting this website, you are allowing your device to use and save cookies. However, it is also possible to surf this website without cookies. Nonetheless, we recommend leaving the cookies turned on in order to not miss any important information. Most of the internet Browsers accept cookies by default.

Manage Cookies
You always have the opportunity to manage your cookies and even block them if needed by configuring your internet browser.

In case you would like to manage your cookies, please take in account that the configurations made only take effect while surfing the website using the configured browser. Cookies will be again stored in the event of surfing the website with another browser. In addition, cookies can also be manually erased anytime. For more information about cookie management and configuration we recommend visiting the following links depending on your preferred browser:

Mozilla Firefox:
Internet Explorer:

To follow with, here you can find a list of the most common kind of cookies and what they are normally used for:

1. Session Cookies
While surfing a website, a temporary session cookie will be saved on your device. The main intention of this cookie is to save session related data like, for example, your username. Thanks to this kind of cookie you do not have to log every time you visit a new page. This session cookie is erased with every logoff or when the session expires.

2. Permanent or Protocol cookies
Permanent or protocol cookies save a file on your device during an established timespan. Thanks to these cookies can your computer remember what configurations you made on previous visits on the Website improving your user experience. For example, thanks to this cookie your device can remember your preferred language and set it automatically. Once the timespan is exceeded, the cookie is then erased.

3. Third-party cookies
Third-party cookies do not come from website’s provider itself. These cookies are mainly designed for gathering user information for improving the quality of Advertisements or Web statistics.

4. Flash cookies
Flash cookies are saved as data elements on your device by websites running with Adobe Flash. These cookies have no timespan.

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This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website your are giving consent to cookies being used. For Information on cookies and how you can disable them visit our Cookies Policy.